All on 4 – All on 6 - Reconstruction of toothless jawbone

Installation of implants according to protocols All – on – 4 and All – on – 6 provides the possibility of rehabilitation of a completely toothless jaw and a new opportunity for the patients, i.e. third dentition. The biggest challenge, which is in most cases successful, is the implantable loading of implants, i.e. setting temporary work on implants within 6 hours of the procedure itself. Temporary work is used by the patient in 4 to 6 months, during implant acceptance (osseointegration). The culmination of technological achievement is computer-implanted implantology, where with the help of a surgical template, which is prepared for the patient according to the digital plan of therapy, we embed implants with no cuts in order to reduce the postoperative discomfort.


In the preparation of the procedure, the patient prepares an orthopantomographic footage and a cbc image, which together with the intraoral examination provides the basis for the therapy plan. During the examination at the clinic, the patient is familiarized with the procedure, filling out general health forms and signing the consent to the surgery. After determining the procedure for performing the procedure, the patient is also given the previous term for thoroughly cleaning the soft and hard deposits, at intervals of no more than 7 days. Also, the patient is introduced antiseptic therapy in the form of fluid for the lining of the oral cavity. Prior to the procedure the patient receives a standard premedication consisting of antibiotics, anxiolytics and analgesics.


Recuperation is significantly facilitated by setting temporary work that protects the wound and prevents major swelling, as well as allows the patient full function from the first day. The patient is advised to cool down the area of the procedure to reduce the pain and possible swelling. In all the operative interventions performed at our center, growth hormones from the patient's blood are used, with the aim of faster healing and reduction of postoperative disorders. Modeled on Western clinics, we recommend the use of homeopathic remedies (Arnica montana) for easier healing.


The goal of the surgery is to rehabilitate the toothless jaw, to give the patient a chance for the third dentition and thus improve the quality of life. Quality work does not only compensate for the teeth, but also changes the relationship to the lower third of the face, gives better support to the lips and cheeks, and enhances the youthful appearance.


Our center offers concepts All – on – 4 and All – on – 6 by two manufacturers, ICX and Nobel Biocare.


Possible complications of this procedure include swelling, pain and imbalance of the implant through the laying process. In that case, it waives the protocol of the imminent load and the temporary work setting is delayed during the duration of the osointegration (4 – 6 months).


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