Implant installation

The procedure is indicated in patients who lack one or more teeth, and provides the unexpected possibilities of esthetic and functional rehabilitation of the patient. The titanium bolt is embedded in the upper or lower jaw bone, and after the time of osseointegration (accepting bone implants) is burdened with the crown (bridge), the only visible part of the upgrade. If there is sufficient bone volume for the implant bed, the implant can be fitted without projection of the mucous membrane (without the cuticle) with the aim of reducing the postoperative discomfort. The therapy plan and the procedures are performed with the assistance of the computer, based on the 3D footage made by the patient.


In the preparation of the procedure, the patient prepares an orthopantomographic footage and a cbc image, which together with the intraoral examination provides the basis for the therapy plan. During the examination at the clinic, the patient is familiarized with the procedure, filling out general health forms and signing the consent to the surgery. After determining the procedure for performing the procedure, the patient is also given the previous term for thoroughly cleaning the soft and hard deposits, at intervals of no more than 7 days. Also, the patient is introduced antiseptic therapy in the form of fluid for the lining of the oral cavity. Prior to the procedure the patient receives a standard premedication consisting of antibiotics, anxiolytics and analgesics.


Post-operative recovery is regularly without major discomfort. The patient may feel milder pain or tenderness (if stitches were placed), which is alleviated by pain medications. The patient is advised to cool down the area of the procedure to reduce the pain and possible swelling. In all the operative interventions performed at our center, growth hormones from the patient's blood are used, with the aim of faster healing and reduction of postoperative disorders.


The goal of the therapy is to compensate for the missing teeth in esthetic and functional terms. The integrated implant has more than enough static properties to resist the forces occurring in the oral cavity, while the implant upgrade resembles the appearance of the natural tooth in its position, shape, and color. In the case of high-grade restorations, we do everything in order for the supporting structures (pink aesthetics) to have harmonious relationships and give an impression of the natural appearance of the teeth.


Our center offers implants by two manufacturers. The first is the ICX, a lower grade implant, while the other, Nobel Biocare, is currently the world's most renowned implant.


Possible complications of this procedure include pain, swelling, and rejection of implants that are statistically occurring in a very small number of cases. Pain and swelling are treated by analgesics and cooling, while in the case of implant rejection all patients have a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. In order for the patients to be eligible for the guarantee, an implant rtg is required, as well as regular check-ups as instructed in the consent to the operation.


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